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Different Causes of Poor Blood Flow in the Arms

Date Added: September 02, 2013 06:18:20 AM
Author: Amber Smith
Category: Health and Beauty
Poor circulation of blood may lead to varicose veins and other problems like blood clot, vascular disease, deep vein thrombosis and others. Other than the legs, the arms are also prone to varicose veins. But what are the different causes of poor blood flow in the arms? Continue your read. Cold Temperature Cold weather may cause your body to narrow its arteries. This therefore impacts the circulation of blood to different body parts - including the arms. Age Blood vessels of older individuals become stiffer. This thwarts the body’s proper blood circulation. Health Conditions High cholesterol, heart diseases and other health conditions have an affect on the circulation of blood in the body. Similarly, blood may not pass properly if you have peripheral vascular, lung and kidney diseases. Obesity Several reports have revealed that overweight or obesity may cause improper flow of blood in the legs, as well as in the arms. Unwanted weight constricts the arteries and the veins. Medications Prescription drugs to treat pulmonary congestion and migraine firm the blood vessels. This leads to poor blood circulation to the arms. Insufficiency in Minerals, Fatty Acids and Vitamins When considering different causes of blood flow in the arms, you should also look into the possibility of lacking in vitamins, fatty acids and minerals in your body. Blood vessels may wear out if you are deficient of these. Wrong Position in Sleep Even your sleeping position may cause incorrect blood flow. Whenever you sleep on your arm a bit longer of time, your body pressures your arm and disturbs blood circulation, as well as nerve pathways. But how you will be aware - initially - if you are having issues with the supply of blood in the arms? Check these signs and symptoms: Tingling Do you feel as if there are needles and pins being pricked in your hands and arms? This tingling sensation may be brought on by blood that is not able to reach the places where it ought to. Numb Feeling Do you feel numb in your hands and forearms? If yes, this means that blood is not able to get to the limbs. Typically, you will also feel cold and sense as if you are touching somebody’s hand when you are actually touching yours. This numbness will go and may be combined with tingling. Burning Sensation If you are experiencing poor blood flow in the arms, there will be times when you will feel like your arms are on fire. Sometimes, you will notice that they are warmer than your other areas of the body. If you suspect that you are experiencing the signs and symptoms above brought by one of more of these different causes of poor blood flow in the arms, you should promptly search for treatments. Do not ignore your condition as you may have varicose veins or other condition. You may hunt for natural or home remedies but you may also seek medical advice from a healthcare professional. Particularly, you may get professional help from a vein specialist. Call for visit immediately. If you're looking for a varicose veins scottsdale center, the Center for Venous Disease offers total vein care and treatments such as spider vein treatments and vnus closure procedures.


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