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Is There a Methodology for Making Successful Logos

Date Added: August 23, 2013 11:01:22 AM
Author: adskumar
Category: Computers and Internet: Web Designing
Logos play a vital role in representation of a brand, in other words the logo identifies the business or organization in its simplest form. The logo designs these days feature a lot of identity designs, just as packaging designs and product designs are updated, logo designs also undergo regular updating and experimentation. The reason for giving a high-level of priority to logo making is because successful logos help in identifying the business in a memorable and recognizable way rather than just literally describing what the business does. In some ways they are considered a symbol for the identity and brand. Some of the common concepts used as identity designs in logos are marks, flags, symbols or signatures. Logos are the cornerstone of visualization branding so logo making takes considerable importance in branding. Here is a list of guidelines followed to create a successful logo which is able to convey the necessary message. • Great Logos start with great ideas and inspirational thought and converting it to a powerful symbol. • The design is largely based on what type of business or organization it represents. • The design has to be able to communicate with the type of customers you are aiming for. • Changing the default font size and style to something simple and effective. • Creating something original is a lot better and lets you add a little more to the art rather than just working on an older one and limiting the design. • Avoiding slogans and longer sentences. Shorter words producing a stronger effect are preferred. • Excessive use of details and effects will compromise the logo. • Colors play an important role in logo making as they produce emotions and have psychological powers of persuasion. So choose colors wisely and use color types like warm, cool, neutral, vivid, soft, light, bright, saturated etc. They help in enhancing the image. As logos have to be catchy, they cannot be just created randomly. These rules/ methodology will definitely help you create a logo with a difference, rather than just creating something. All the successful designs have these rules implemented in them. The art of


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