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Kullu Manali shawls

Date Added: August 23, 2013 08:54:42 AM
Author: Hap Singh
Category: Travel and Tourism
The measurement of the Himachal Shawl is 1m × 2m which is a light fabric of wool. In Himachal Pradesh, Pashmina shawl is of a great demand which is made from the hair of the Pashmina Goat. The rich art and craft of Himachal Pradesh is represented by these shawls. These shawls are made very beautifully in different colours and various patterns. With its striking patterns and vibrant colours, they are an attraction for the tourists. The colours of these shawls mainly depend upon the type of wool being used. Each and every tourist’s attention who visits this state is attracted to this exclusive range of Kullu Shawls. These shawls can be made either from mill spun or hand spun yarn. Merino wool, Local sheep wool, Pashmina, Angora or a mixture of these is used for making the shawls. Beautiful grey, blue, mustard and black coloured shawls can be made by using the right mixture. With the help of a thread and fine wool, the border work in a particular shawl is completed. These shawls are well designed in different patterns and have multi-coloured borders. The prices of the shawls are decided by their various designs and patterns which ranges from Rs. 100 to Rs. 12,000. In comparison to the shawls made on powerloom, the ones made on the handloom are expensive. Women usually drape them around and over the chest and shoulders. The region of Kullu and Manali earns high revenues by selling these shawls. Shawls in Himachal are not only designed for the ladies, but for the men too which are a little larger in size and have a lighter colour combination. The shawls which are worn by men are known as Loi or Chadar. Even the shawls made from the yak wool are very popular. Being world popular for their graceful look, they occupy a place of pride among the handicrafts of Kullu. The rich artistry and cultural heritage of the local indigenous inhabitants of the region is depicted by the shawls of Kullu. Thus, each and every shawl made in Himachal Pradesh is unique in its own way and are helpful to relieve you from the chilly breezes in winters and provide you with comfort. Due to lack of transportation facilities in the pre-independence era, clothes which were made in the industrialized regions could not reach the valley. The cold climate prevalent in Kullu is good for goat and sheep rearing. As Kullu Valley falls under temperate Himalayan region, the cold climate prevalent is suitable for sheep and goat rearing with which the need for woollens can be fulfilled. The daughter in law of the famous Russian painter Nicholas Roerich named Devika Rani once came for a visit to Kullu in the year 1942. At her request, Sh. Sheru Ram of Banotar village designed the latest urban size shawl (72" x 36") as she showed her eager interest in the looms. After this, Pt. Urvi Dhar started the manufacturing of shawls commercially as she got inspired by Mr. Shera Ram. The Kullu Shawl Improvement Centre was opened up in the valley in the year 1957. As a technician, Mr. Devi Prakash joined there. A gave a visit to many of the co-operative societies and individual weavers. Also, he developed numerous designs and instructed them about the various designs that should be used. For other Details on kullu manali and kullu manali tourism packages visit our website Kullu Manali Tourism


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