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Enjoy Total Annihilation, Supreme Commander or Command and Conquer? Try Machines at War 3!

Date Added: August 22, 2013 08:48:08 AM
Author: James Z Cooper
Category: Computers and Internet: Computer Games
Good real time strategy games are in fairly short supply these days, in spite of the demand remaining as high as ever. If you fondly remember the golden days of RTS gaming when games like Command and Conquer, Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation were all the rage, then you will certainly love Machines at War 3. The game combines familiar features and gameplay styles that any fan of the genre will recognize easily while providing new players with engaging graphics and an abundance of great features such as online multiplayer support and an extensive single player campaign. Machines at War 3 is also available for both PC and Macintosh, and in spite of its great graphics, it also has quite low system requirements, so it should run well even on fairly old computers. Machines at War 3 is the ultimate armchair commander real time strategy game. It places you in a secluded military lab where something seems to have gone very wrong. Every scientist working there has suddenly disappeared, and the facility has been left completely ransacked. As the player, it is up to you to find the missing research team known as the Omicron Initiative and recover many years of research materials and information about top secret experiments. Throughout the campaign, the story will unfold as you build bases, train more than 130 different unit types and fight your way to victory against formidable foes which get progressively more challenging to defeat as the single player campaign continues. The one and only clue that you have to start off with is a peculiar text message that only reads 'We were forced to do it.' However, the research materials which have been stolen contain extremely sensitive information that have the potential to put the entire country at risk! The player is the only person who can prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Over the 21 missions which comprise the single player campaign, you will be able to train everything from simple infantry units to hulking weapons of mass destruction as you build and expand your base and protect it from relentless enemy attacks. Once you have finished the single player campaign, you can try a random map and take on the AI in a completely new variety of ways. Alternatively, you can try pitching your skills against other human players through the online multiplayer feature. Regardless of your preferred play style, you will have plenty of unique options to choose from so that you can fully customize your experience. You can choose your own victory conditions as well from a wide variety of different criteria. You can even start battles with up to a staggering 5000 units! Learn more about Machines at War 3 at the official website: . Here you will also be able to see high resolution screenshots of the game in action. Alternatively, you can try out the demo version of the game to get a better idea. The full version is available in several different languages other than English.


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